first i want to introduce myself.

i am a soon to be wife at the ripe age of fiance is a heck of a man, a soldier. as he likes to say “a soldier for the Lord & the united states army.”  he is too good to me, seriously. he laughs at my stupid jokes, he supports my addiction to ice cream & coffee, he even went vegan for 2 weeks for me (ha!) but man is he something. he loves me something fierce. and in 109 days 16 hours 21 minutes and a few seconds i will be a wife (YAY). but i have no idea what im doing.

i am a friend of jesus & a believer in grace, cause goodness knows i need it.

because of him (jesus) i have this crazy passion to love on people all over the world, in every corner of the world. i pray that one day i will have the opportunity to travel & share the news that saved me. cause why wouldnt you want to tell everybody that you have the best news. ever.

i love coffee. more than just the flavor, even though thats pretty great too. i really love a cup of coffee, dont get me wrong. but when a couple, a group of friends, a family gathers around with their hands wrapped around something warm… something happens. tensions ease, shoulders relax, hearts open, & people become more vulnerable. now i know a cup of joe isnt a miracle worker, but its pretty close. as a 4th generation  devout coffee drinker, it is something that has brought generations together in my family.

anyway, thats me. for the most part i guess. but maybe youll learn more about me through this. (even though “you” doesnt actually exist, but maybe we’ll get there)

for now,

much love, extend grace, brew a cup of the good stuff.

810IMG_2242 (2)10003270_10152782335953537_4552267621019267332_ngirlss2IMG_2292


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