accomplish a successful road trip.

headed to the beach for our senior trip. 3 best friends anyone could have.

OKAY. so i have been a (quite) a few road trips. when i was in third grade we drove-yeah drove-to Mexico. on the way home we drove straight through. 24 hours on the church bus. man, was that a love trip. A few years later my family drove out to Montana where he drove 18 hours. in daylight. theres been some other trips too. 13 hours over night coming home from Santa Bell Island (so beautiful, check it out). Myrtle beach, Gulf Shores, Washington D.C., New York, yeah a lot of hours logged in the car.

thankfully those trips have paid off in a few ways… a love for travel, car endurance, & how to keep from getting bored in the car.

i have compiled a list of things that i have learned can make or break a car ride. some of them my parents ‘used’ on me when i was little & looking back i think ‘what a great idea.’


what to take with you in the car

1. snacks

i know this one is kinda obvious, but packing snacks instead of buying them along the way can save you so much money!!! i have found some really great things on pinterest. the kind of thing that makes you go ‘duh why didnt i think of that.’

one of my favorite ideas was getting an empty peanut butter jar and putting some peanut butter in the bottom and then putting celery sticks in the peanut butter so they’re ready to eat aaannnddd a healthier option.

other snacks to pack could be pretzels, apples, ready made sandwiches, water bottles(not too many or you will be making a lot of bathroom stops:)), something sweet. SO many options. having snacks on hand will help eliminate stops and cut down on spending!!

2. prizes

so this is one my mom used to do for me and my sister. and its borderline brilliant. she used to make little goody bags, usually in just a brown paper sack. she would put different times on them like ’11:06′ or ‘3:23’ and at the time we would get the gift. they were usually spaced out by an hour (even though at 6 yrs old it felt like an eternity).

the bags would be filled with things she got at a dollar store; coloring books, colorful water bottles, little toys, hand held fans, candy, you get the idea. the goal was to keep us entertained for awhile and it definitely did! if we were getting annoying then she would say we wouldnt get our gifts, and we would hush right up. my mom deserves an award for that one.

3. music 

every good road trip needs some groovin’ tunes (ha) what my family likes to do on trips is to take turns picking the music. dad likes Metallica and ACDC… but he usually spares us that noise. mom is more of ¬†Police, The Eagles, John Denver type of gal. mine and my sisters tastes always change. but rotating who has control of the radio helped keep peace annddd music in the car.

of course dont forget your blankets and pillows cause power naps are a necessity on the road.

traveling is such an exciting experience. whether you are going across the state, country, or world there are things you can only encounter when you are not in your home and comfort zone.

get out. try a new food, meet someone new and learn their story. then do it all over again.

happy thursday.

much love, extend grace, brew a cup of the good stuff




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