what if we were radically selfless.

“I need to know I am part of a movement of quiet radicals, faithfully loving those around us with a selfless sacrifice of service.”

i was in a speech class last semester where the teacher was obsessed with history… i think he picked the wrong class to teach but so be it. anyway, we watched this documentary about British man named Nicholas Winton. Long story short, he made an ‘adoption’ type program where parents who were afraid their children were not safe (Jewish families) could send their kids through this program and he would pair the child with a safe family somewhere else in the world.

Something like 40 years later Winton’s wife finds a scrapbook in the attic of pictures of children, notes about them, etc. His wife had no idea what the book was about. He had never told his own wife, he gave everything he had to save hundreds of children and was still so humbled as to not even seek praise from his wife.

Years continue to pass and he is brought into a place where (unknown to him) the room is filled with the children he once saved… only now they go by ‘grandma’ and their hair is stroked with God’s highlights (as my family calls them.) A man stands in the front and asks for anyone who owes their life to Winton to stand up. dozens of people raise from their seat. both he and his wife begin to cry.

Even more years later Nicholas has lost his wife and he is in a wheel chair. Students had heard about his story and decided to do something to honor him. hundreds of students started organizing, planning, working to make a radical different in someone’s life.

the students bring Nicholas to an auditorium and a video begins to play of all the students and the amazing work they have done. the students in the audience each begin to turn a light on, one by one. by the end the before dark room is filled with light.

one man. one decision.

generations later his work is being recognized and inspiring others.

now, of course, i am not saying that every person needs to drop what they are doing and save hundreds of children.

what i AM saying, however, is what if we all did just ONE radically selfless act.

what if for one year we did nothing but serve. what if for one month we brought someone without a home, into our home. what if we raised money and gave it to a single mother struggling to get by. what if we traveled the world and hiked to the most remote towns and villages to tell them about Jesus. what if we started a non profit to go towards raising awareness to ______.

what if we made the choice to GIVE OURSELVES UP. to look at every human around us and realize they are just as human as me.

would we impact generation after generation? could we light a dark room? would we change someones life? or maybe even a lot of somebodys? and if everybody did ONE thing, could we just maybe change the world?

maybe that is a little ambitious. so just look at tomorrow. what radical act could you do tomorrow?

if you really want a kick in the pants/send you across the world in a week, check out ‘Radical’ by David Platt.

anyway. for me, it would be all about Jesus. how many thousands and millions of people have not even heard his name!!!! we have A LOT of work to do, my friends.

so tomorrow, next week.


lets be radically selfless.

much love, extend grace, brew  cup of the good stuff.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” 

Margret Mead


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