when you say you’re a millennial


there are so many hot topics right now bouncing around on facebook, at work, school, whatever. people think they know what they think but they will definitely fight you over it. there’s a lot of talk right now about millennials and what they think, want, eat, sleep, breath. churches talk about how to get them and keep them, other generations talk about how they do not ‘get’ them and want nothing to do with them, and well as for millennials themselves… well they are probably blogging about it (irony), posting about it, or don’t care about it.

hey, i am a millennial. there are a lot of times where i want to bury my head in the sand when discussions about this generation come up. more often than not i do not want to belong to this generation because of the ideas and work we produce.

what i dislike most about being clumped into this group is just that… i am pushed into this blanketed definition and opinion on what this age believes and does.

i do not think the minimum wage should be raised to $15 because i realize that it is only supposed to be a launching pad for everything else. i realize that if you raise the minimum wage it means the costs of so many things are going to raise so that companies can still make a profit.

i am in no way ‘feeling the bern.’ do i care for the poor? absolutely. would i love free college? oh yes. however, i have done group projects and i know that one person usually ends up doing all the work. someone probably starts out strong until they realize this other person is doing so great that they eventually stop doing the work all together. then there is usually at least one kid who sees that he is in the group with the hardworking straight A student so he never even attempts to work (even though he is fully capable) but in the end they all end up with an A because that first person was going to do the project to the best of their ability.

i realize that as an american i am already in the 1% of the world.

i believe you do not have to compromise convictions to display compassion. not everyone has to agree with your way or life or my way of life. that does not mean they are judging, hateful, or an enemy.

i love the police. weird right? seriously though. i am so thankful that men and women choose everyday to stand up and protect the people of their community even if it means that they themselves are in danger. many of you know i have a personal connection to the police force and that absolutely has an impact on my views of those in blues. because they  are not just a man or woman in an intimidating uniform with weapons attached to their belt. nope. they are the faces of the people sitting around the dinner table at my house and the ones who came to 4th of july parties. are there bad apples in the police world? no doubt. does that mean they are all bad? of course not. it is ridiculous to think so.

i do not need and/or want a big flashy performance at church. i do not need a coffee bar in the lobby (although i would not turn it down). i do not need crazy lights and smoke to be able to worship my creator. i, like many in this generation, want real and authentic. we do not want to be a part of the church that we have seen that turns away sinners because they are sinners, without realizing that Jesus did not turn away sinners and the church itself is made up of sinners. we want a body of believers that is recklessly pursuing their creator and that will join together to lift one another up.

i believe in marriage. at 19 i am about to promise my life to a 20 year old and we plan to spend the rest of our breathing time together.

as much as a disagree with my own peers i also think they have some things going for them.

having a balanced life is definitely one of my goals as is with many millennials. i do not want to spend a majority of my life in front of a screen or laboring away. but i also do not expect to have more than generations before me who worked day in and day out. i want to live with less.

social media and technology  has the potential to connect the world in a way that the people of this earth have never experienced. now the ugliness and addictions that have come from it are a downside. but it could be great.

we do not want to have the same job our whole life and not experience life in the process. of course, there is absolutely no judgement passed if that is the path you have chosen . but as for me and my generation… most of us want more. we want passion, excitement, movement, personality. for me personally, i want to love on people all over the world. maybe that will mean in an orphanage or maybe a medical trip or maybe building a school. we have seen the results of getting stuck in the everyday routine and mundane.

this generation is wide spread in its opinions. maybe wrong, maybe uninformed. more than anything i think our generation cannot be blanketed.

please, listen.

listen to the millennial and hear the hope and optimism. maybe squash the whole ‘feelin the bern’ cause he is after all, a presidential candidate not a new sweater you want your friend to try on.

do not be quick to assume what the young person thinks.

i for one, want to be able to talk to people of any and all ages with respect.

we may be different.

we may be naive.

but millennials are the future, one way or another.

much love, extend grace, brew a cup of the good stuff.






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