if you are reading this page then you are here to get to know more about me, the author, the little coffee drinker. what is it ya wanna know? cause there are so many uninteresting things about me that would bore you to hear.

blog experts say that this page is supposed to draw you in and tell you all about the person behind the story.

sooo.. what is it you are looking for?

to know if we like the same tv show? some of my favorites are ‘Friends’ (cause, hello, Jennifer Aniston is just beautiful, & those nineties clothes are styling.) ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is another one i can watch and never get tired of it. I watched ‘Lost’ and heavens to betsy does it keep you guessing.

do ya wanna know if im super fit & healthy? cause honestly, im still trying to figure that one out myself. i wanna honor The Lord with what i put in my body and keeping it healthy… but man its hard to turn down some Chick-fil-a. but i do love my veggies.

how about my hobbies? outside. whether is kayaking, hiking, walking, camping i love to be outside.

im not a fashionista by any means. most days i am wearing leggings and a sweatshirt to class. more often than not im wearing a headband (cause who wants to wash their hair every day).

im engaged at 19, to my best friend and fellow harry potter fanatic. i promise you he knows more about harry potter than harry potter himself.

i love my friends. especially the three girls that have been with me since 6th grade (true friends to still like me after those rough years, lemme tell ya).

i love to travel. anywhere, everywhere. i love the road trips, plane rides, layovers, gas station pit stops. i love the hole in the wall restaurants and coffee shops you can find anywhere.

probably the most important thing you can know about me is that Jesus is my savior and i want to tell the whole world.

i like the analogy of having had the best chocolate ice cream ever. i wanna tell people, i want them to experience that ice cream for themselves. ill be sad for you if you dont want to try it, cause you have NO IDEA what you are missing out on. but i am not going to hold you down and force you to eat it. its completely your choice. BUT i feel it is my job to at least tell you that the best ice cream in the entire world exists. and if one day you change your mind and decide you wanna see what all the ice cream hype is about, then PLEASE try it. obviously, grace and forgiveness are way way way better than any ice cream

anyway… thats me. im sure if you stick around long enough you will find out other things about me.

much love, extend grace, brew a cup of the good stuff.

ps check out my visual page to put a face with the name 🙂